Everything has it's beauty, but not everyone sees it. - Confucius
Sometimes the picture doesn't have to be perfect; it's the captured moment that counts. - me
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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fox on the ice

About time I did something on here.

As I pulled into a very cold, and frosty car park at the local lake yesterday, Trevor pulled in too.

After I fed the Crows, and we looked at the feeders, we made our way round the lake.
Minus six, a thick hoar frost, and blue sunny skies.

A perfect day.

So much to see and take pictures of. And lots of birds too.

A Goldfinch on a very frozen and frosty Teasel.

Quite a few different birds were seen during the visit; (I made it 46), but I think the real star was a stunning fox.

Quite a bit of the lake had frozen in various places, and at the far end of the south lake a few ducks were swimming close to ice, and a group of gulls were stood out on the ice.
And this had attracted the attention of a fox. There is a small island at the far end, and the fox was on the island, carefully sniffing the ice before checking out the possibilities of breakfast.

Once he had decided  the ice was strong enough to take his weight, he proceeded to march across the ice.

A real beauty, and looked in very good condition. A bit of a dangerous thing to do, but he seemed to know what he was doing. Hungry, or just very curious? Well he didn't catch anything, and eventually made his way back to the island.

A real treat to see such a beautiful animal so close.

A shortish video to end with.

Enjoy your day


  1. a beautiful beast. i suspect the birds aren't as appreciative as i am.

  2. As you say Keith, a perfect day! The fox is a real beauty, looks in tip top nick! You know what curiosity did though, don't you?
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  3. A great walk around the stunningly beautiful (sugar frosted!) lakes Keith.
    Lots of bird life on show and a super encounter with that intrepid and brave Fox...[;o)

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  5. Brilliant shots of 'Reynard' Keith.

  6. I'm sure you're right about the birds Adrian. And yea, a magnificent animal.

    Thanks John. Didn't see him today, but he's certainly a handsome one. I hope he keeps safe.

    It was a great walk round Trevor. The fox was a real star.

    Thanks Roy. It was a perfect morning, and we had some great views of him.

  7. your opening shot was just perfect as was the goldfinch on the weeds. but wow, that fox is gorgeous! his dark legs, darker feet, orange and white fur, tipped ears and that glorious, full tail! beautiful!!!

    i wouldn't have been holding moments - i'd have been holding my breath waiting for him to fall through! :)

  8. Thanks Theresa. He certainly was a beauty, and thankfully he survived his trip on the ice.

  9. The Fox on ice, well photographed Keith.

  10. Wow like the top image with all the hoarfrost on the trees, perfect image Keith. The fox images are very special, I was scrolling down thinking "splosh", lukily it never. Great images.

  11. Jose Maria, thank you for stopping by, and your comment.

    Thank you Bob. :-)

    Cheers Doug. Yea, that fox had me worried a bit while he was on the ice.

  12. Keith, a brave little fox indeed! But a beauty!
    I really like the finch shot!

  13. That Fox is fantastic Keith. Love the frost as well.

  14. Wonderful images Keith... I see plenty of Foxes travelling to and from work but it's always a brief glimpse.

  15. Great pictures of the fox Keith, nice lighting on it also.

  16. AWWW what a sweet fox, IM glad he didnt get a duck tho...
    WOW that thistle is huge big as a pine cone. Love the video.

  17. Facsinating behaviour to see and photograph. Great post.

  18. Oh my gosh...what an unusual sight! I enjoyed the video of the fox on the ice too. The goldfinch photo is gorgeous too...

  19. He's absolutely beautiful. You must have been thrilled to see him. All of your images are wonderful but I found myself mesmerized by that fox. There's a part in the video when the gulls decide that he's too close for comfort and they take off. Loved that.

  20. beautiful shots the landscape at the beginning reminds me very much of home (Michigan) in the winter. what a great experience to catch the fox. glad I stopped by.

  21. It looks like a 'faysal ahmed' is doing the rounds on comments.
    Pretty certain it's spam, so I've not published his multitude of comments.

    Robin, thanks. A bit scary watching him on the ice though.

    Thanks Adam. It was a pretty cold morning.

    Thanks Andrew. Not often I see them either; usually just very briefly.

    Thank you Linda. :-)

    Thanks Bobster. (sent you an e-mail a moment ago)

    Thanks Sondra. Yea, I'm glad that fox managed to keep safe.

    Thanks Jeremy. The cold weather certainly makes them act a bit foolishly sometimes.

    Thank you Kelly. He was a real beauty.

    Thanks Hilary. Yea, it was great to watch him so closely. Glad he kept safe.

    Thank you Ginger. Glad you enjoyed it :-)

  22. Hi Keith..I am a day behind, but so glad I came back to this post !
    I just "loved it" The frosty trees, and the Goldfinch just gorgeous!!
    The Fox photos and the video WOW...like watching a nature channel, but even better!!
    He is a beauty..saw one myself looking up from my computer it was on my neighbors lawn, and was gone before I could move!! ; )

  23. Really beautiful photos Keith all of which would make magnificent Christmas cards! Great video too. I was so relieved nothing awful happened. Completely by mistake I saw some terribly distressing photos last year of one which had gone through the ice and was drowning, it has haunted me ever since :-(

  24. Thanks Grace. That fox was a beauty. Glad you enjoyed the video.

    Thank you Jan. Yea, I was glad he kept safe too. Very dangerous. I hope he wasn't that hungry, but just curious.

  25. Great images and very interesting video ;)

  26. Thanks Dominic, glad you enjoyed it.

  27. What a great event to observe. The still photos are superb but the video is such a treat, it nice to see the birds on the water knowing they have the safety of the water so can watch without fear. Thanks.

  28. Thank you 'Cuby'. It was an interesting encounter.

  29. The low mellow sunlight makes all the difference Keith.

  30. Thanks Pete. Was interesting to watch.

    Thanks John. Lovely light this time of the year.

  31. Oh goodness! These shots are pure magic!

  32. Thank you ladyfi, glad you enjoyed them. A magical moment.

  33. He is just Beautiful. We have them here and they take my outside cats.
    But I do love the...

    I closed my blog Keith.
    See you on Flickr

  34. Thanks Lisa. Sorry to hear they take your cats though.

    And a shame you've closed your blog. I'll catch you over on Flickr though.

  35. what a beautiful series...how patient you are to spend time filming the fox... this is the only way to be at peace with nature.

  36. Thank you Laura. I can always find the time for wildlife. :-)

  37. Amazing photos and video of that fox on the ice Milton. Thanks for showing them. Congrats for Hilary's POTW - Dave

  38. Thank you Dave, and thanks for stopping by. :-)